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Linn County Democrats Progressive Caucus

Mission Statement

Work to advance the following agenda

  • Promote justice, dignity, and peace for all people.
  • Tackle systems of oppression and dismantle structural discrimination.
  • Take on systems that privilege the wealty and powerful to demand a government and economy that work for all people.
  • Support the election for candidates that support this agenda.


The Progressive Caucus of Linn County (est. July 2018) is a constituency caucus of The Linn County Democrats Central Committee (Linn County, Iowa). After having been dormant for a couple of years, it has been revived and is currently operating as of June 2023. It is currently the only county chapter of The Progressive Caucus of the Iowa Democratic Party. As a constituency based on ideological belief and not ethnicity or personal identity, we are an intersectional community and welcome all interested in ‘encouraging’ the Democratic Party to embrace candidates, causes, and policies that align with The Progressive Movement. Our rules state you must be a registered Democrat residing in Linn County, IA, to be an officer or voting member, but anyone may participate in all group activities as an observing member.

Our meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 6pm. They typically last between 1 to 1.5 hours. We meet at the Prairiewoods Franciscan Spirituality Center Conference Room.  This is subject to change based on attendance. Zoom will be used in the future for online viewing and participation.

Active Members

Chair: Robert (Bob) Tierney
Secretary: Susan Benderson
Meeting Chair: Frank Nidey

Current Initiatives

Since our mission statement involves most aspects of the Democratic Platform, we support all Caucuses and Committees of the Linn County Democrats Central Committee. This presently includes the following: Veterans Caucus, Disability Caucus, Stonewall Caucus, Labor Caucus, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, and Young Democrats Committee. We consider our charter as the ‘umbrella’ caucus and support all other entities within the Central Committee.

You can contact the Chair for the most up to date detailed initiatives.

Chair: Robert (Bob) Tierney

Phone: 319-573-6596

Facebook page


Please help out our Caucus and consider donating to the Progressive Caucus for upcoming initiatives.  From time to time our initiatives and activities require funding for expenses.  To offset those expenses you can donate to the Progressive Caucus initiatives via Linn County Democrats Central Committee(LCDCC) donation site.  One time or ongoing donations can be earmarked for the Progressive Caucus.  These donations will be tracked and be a part of the LCDCC organization’s treasury.  Use of these funds will need approval by the LCDCC.

A good example of recent expenses was the upgrade and repair of the LCDCC parade float.  Expenses ran over $400 and donations helped to defer these costs.