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our mission

The mission of the Linn County Democrats is to help elect candidates for local, state and federal government positions that believe in common-sense, American values and the protection of those values for all of our citizens.

We believe that respect for these values, in actions not just words, will make Iowa a better place to live and our country more united. Among these values, Linn County Democrats support are:

      • Respect for the U.S. Constitution and its amendments
      • Equality in the eyes of the law
      • Protecting the civil liberties for all of our citizens
      • Protecting our environment and natural resources
      • Creating jobs and raising incomes for all Iowa families, not just the wealthy
      • Protecting the rights of American workers
      • Quality, affordable education to ensure Iowa’s children and displaced workers can compete for the jobs of tomorrow

To learn more about the Linn County Democrats, please email us at


Linn County Democrats represent the political party of inclusion, because like America itself, Iowa is a diverse state of people, nationalities, and faith. Our elected leaders come from various backgrounds and professions, each of them motivated by a strong sense of community and desire to get things done on behalf of the people of Iowa.

Below are the Democratic leaders currently serving the people of Linn County to make our state a better place to live:

Bret Nilles

Valerie Smith
1st Vice Chair

Peggy Stover
2nd Vice Chair

Susan Elliott-Bryan

Breanna Oxley

Phillip Platz
Financial Secretary

Organization, Constitution and By-Laws

Interested in learning more about the operations side of the Linn Couty Democrats?  The following documents are available to download:

These documents are updated from time-to-time so check back with us every few months to ensure you have the accurate copies.

If you are interested in joining our party in a leadership or committee position, these documents would be a beneficial resource to reference.

Iowa First Congressional District

Linn County is part of Iowa’s First Congressional District

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