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The primary source for Democratic Party information in Iowa’s Linn County

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Announcements and Events

The bodies pile up. Republicans say it’s in God’s hands. And the new weapons coming to market are even deadlier. There’s only one logical conclusion.

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Linn County Democrats Announce Hall of Fame Inductees

  • Iowa State Senator Rob Hogg
  • County Supervisor Linda Langston
  • Community Activist Libby Slappey
  • Former US Congressman Dave Loebsack

Tickets for the event are now available

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Every Iowan has an ally and an advocate in the Iowa Democratic Party. We stand for people – that means living wages; world-class public education; strong unions; quality, affordable healthcare; equality; and opportunity for all.

Get Involved

Volunteers are a key and important part of our political experience.  There are many ways in which individuals contribute their time and expertise to the efforts of the LCDCC

committee opportunities

Standing Caucus groups provide a means to provide focused advocacy around the needs and priorities of special interest group.

Precinct Members work to represent and reach out through neighbor and voter engagement.

Standing Committee members help support the activities of the LCDCC organization.

Writing letters to the Editor and Opinion pieces provide a voice about issues and concerns.

election support opportunities

Voting is an important responsibility for all Americans.  Voter Registration, encouraging and supporting individuals to vote are key roles between and during election periods.

Poll Workers are essential to the smooth and efficient voting experience.

Poll Watchers are important to the safe and bi-partisan election process.

Candidate support opportunities

Direct activities include Door Knocking, Literature Distribution, House Parties and Phone Banking to help get candidate information and messaging to potential voters.

Behind the scenes activities include Data Entry, Social Media outreach, Note Card writing and Yard Sign delivery.

Constituency Caucuses and Standing Committees

Constituency Caucuses

Disability Caucus

Chair: Catherine Crist

Labor Caucus

Chair: Sam Boeding

Veterans Caucus

Chair: Kevin Techau

Stonewall Caucus

Chair: Laura Kline

Progressive Caucus

Chair: Robert (Bob) Tierney 

Standing Committees

DEI Committee

Chair: Susan Benderson

Technology Committee

Chair: Bob Eckles

Hospitality Committee

Chair: Bret Nilles

Candidate Recruitment Committee

Chair: Bret Nilles

Young Democrats Committee

Chair: Tom Gruis