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Meet Your Legislators

Linn County residents are represented in Federal, State and Local Government by individual legislators elected by voters on a regular basis.  These legislators are responsible to represent the best interests of their constituents.  Knowing who represents you and understanding how to make your opinions known is an important part of making a informed decision during elections.

The information here will help you understand the legislative structure of Linn County and provide you with links to information about the people representing you.

Leglislative Structure

The basic political element of Linn County is the Precinct.  Linn County is divided into 109 individual precincts.  Precincts are combined into 8 State House Districts (House District Precincts).  Each House District is represented in the Iowa Legislature by a State Representative.  Precincts are also combined into 4 State Senate Districts (Senate District Precincts).  Each Senate District is represented in the Iowa Legislature by a State Senator.

You can identify what Precinct, House District and Senate District you live in by using the Linn County Elections office Election Lookup tool (Election Lookup).  Once you have the precinct, house district and senate district you can use the table below to find your representative and senator.

House and Senate District Details

State House District 73
State House District 79
State House District 74
State House District 80
State House District 77
State House District 83
State House District 78
State House District 84
State Senate District 37
State Senate District 40
State Senate District 39
State Senate District 42