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The Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) has several caucus groups that are the recognized voice for their constituency within the IDP.  The Caucuses act as the voice of The Democratic Party in the various communities. They accomplish these aims by engaging in outreach and helping to craft the IDP legislative and policy agenda for issues affecting their constituency, their families and their communities. If you are interested in participating, email us at:

Iowa Democratic Party Constituency Caucuses

Arab American Armed Forces/Veterans Caucus
Asian/Pacific Islander Caucus Black Caucus
Climate Change/Environmental College and Young Democrats of Iowa
Disability Caucus Diversity/Equity/Inclusion
Labor Caucus Latinx Caucus
Native American Caucus Progressive Caucus
Rural Caucus Senior/Retiree Caucus
Stonewall Caucus Women’s Caucus

Linn County Democrats County Constituency Causes

Click HERE to see the various Constituency Caucuses supported by the Linn County Democrats

LINN county DEI Committee


Susan Benderson, Chair
Bernard Clayton, Vice Chair
Peggy Stover


The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committees shall:
Promote recruitment of new members into the Iowa Democratic Party
Encurage their full participation:

  • In the caucus/convention
  • Platform development
  • In the delegate selection processes
  • Within central committees
  • In other party organizations

And with particular concern toward those groups that have been historically under represented withn the Iowa Democratic Party



  • Recruit committee members that represent historically under represented groups.
  • Work towards a Linn County Democratic Central Committee that reflects the diversity of Linn County.
  • Reach out to all Democrats in Linn County who have expressed interest in various caucuses and encourage them to participate so individuals feel that they have a voice in the party.
  • Attend public events where there is a potnetial to:
  • Work with the Election Committee to register attendees as Democrats.
  • Inform attendees about Central Committee meetings and the various cuacuses.
  • Urge historically under represented democrats to run for office and refer interested parties to the Candidate Committee.