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Linn County Central Committee E-Board

Chair – Bret Nilles

1st Vice Chair – Valerie Smith

2nd Vice Chair – Peggy Stover

Secretary – Breanna Oxley

Financial Secretary – Phil Platz

Treasurer – Susan Elliot-Bryan

Linn County Central Committee Members

Precinct Role Last Name First Name
Cr01 Alternate Fisher Jon
Cr01 Alternate Hackney Judy
Cr01 Member Techau Kevin
Cr01 Member Techau Stephanie
Cr02 Member Smith Abbie
Cr02 Alternate Schultz Scott
Cr02 Member Griffin Stephanie
Cr03 Member Wise Beth
Cr03 Member Wise Todd 
Cr04 Member Kuster Linda
Cr05 Alternate Newell Amy
Cr05 Associate Sprengler Bob
Cr05 Alternate Gjerde Eric
Cr05 Member Stewart Sandra
Cr05 Member Sauter Troy
Cr06 Alternate Williams Dashawn
Cr06 Member Mehaffey Devin
Cr06 Alternate Evans Tom
Cr07 Member Agan Cameron
Cr07 Associate Hensley Jordon
Cr07 Alternate Koch Lawrence
Cr07 Alternate Martins Lori
Cr07 Member Clay Matthew
Cr08 Alternate Harwood Cooper
Cr08 Alternate Jensen Jimmy
Cr08 Member Buzalsky Leo
Cr08 Member Fuller Mark
Cr09 Member Yarpezeshkan Arash
Cr09 Alternate Cavira Julius
Cr09 Member Wernimont Peter
Cr09 Alternate Sanford Samantha
Cr10 Alternate Bromley Anne
Cr10 Member Wrider Darrell
Cr10 Member Galer Sandra
Cr11 Member Peterson Andrew
Cr11 Alternate Amer Ayman
Cr11 Alternate Peterson Diane
Cr11 Member Wyrick Michael
Cr12 Alternate Clinton-Cirocco Anne
Cr12 Associate Burns Ashley
Cr12 Member Snell Jason
Cr12 Member Roland Scott
Cr12 Alternate Birchmier Vonda
Cr13 Alternate Cooney Derek
Cr13 Member Aossey Joe
Cr13 Member Aossey Laila
Cr14 Alternate Golden Helane
Cr14 Member Bayliss Michael
Cr14 Member Blair Niel
Cr14 Alternate Story Sunny
Cr15 Member Janus Bridget
Cr15 Member Vernon Monica
Cr16 Alternate Orton Elizabeth
Cr16 Member Culver Kelsey
Cr16 Member Ballantyne Megan
Cr16 Alternate Nielsen Patricia
Cr17 Alternate Meier Dareen
Cr17 Associate Diaz Mauricio
Cr18 Member Garlock Cynthia
Cr18 Alternate Engmark Debora
Cr18 Member Garlock Elwood
Cr18 Alternate Meyer John
Cr19 Member Wright Adam
Cr19 Alternate Leonard Andrew
Cr19 Associate Engel Linda
Cr19 Associate Poplawski Shawn
Cr19 Alternate Culver Sheila
Cr19 Member Fuller Tom
Cr20 Alternate Evans Dale
Cr20 Alternate Kramer David
Cr20 Member Hernandez John
Cr20 Member Black Karen
Cr21 Member Michalec Joseph
Cr21 Member Ray-Michalec Michelle
Cr21 Alternate Roth Tom
Cr21 Alternate Long Tyler
Cr22 Member Linderman Jana
Cr22 Alternate Rupert Kasi
Cr22 Alternate Voller Peter
Cr22 Member Burgart Phillip
Cr23 Member Clayton Bernard
Cr23 Alternate Gates Caleb
Cr23 Member Menge Charles
Cr24 Member Hartle Barb
Cr24 Associate Williams Carolyn Sue
Cr24 Member Crist Catherine 
Cr24 Alternate Greene Rachel
Cr24 Alternate Magner Susan
Cr25 Alternate Rowe Courtney
Cr25 Member Anderson Neil
Cr25 Alternate Hamill Robert
Cr25 Member Riley Sara
Cr26 Member Falcon Bill
Cr26 Member Anhalt Gary
Cr26 Alternate Sauerman Nancy
Cr27 Alternate Weiland Angie
Cr27 Member Myers Christopher
Cr27 Member Malone Lucas
Cr28 Member Olson Mike
Cr28 Member Walton Rodney
Cr29 Member Daniels Arnold
Cr29 Member Collins Valerie
Cr30 Member Collins Sara
Cr31 Member Koolbeck Jeffrey
Cr31 Member Eckles Robert
Cr32 Member Boeding Sam
Cr32 Member Ehlert Tracy
Cr34 Member Zahorik Joey
Cr34 Member Ellickson Lindsey
Cr35 Member Oxley Breanna
Cr35 Member Jarvis Madeline
Cr36 Member Grommon Gary
Cr36 Member Ross Harvey
Cr36 Alternate Porterfield Roy
Cr37 Alternate Macaw Hennick Cameron
Cr37 Alternate Jacobson Corey
Cr37 Member Kline Laura
Cr37 Member Clark-Bridges Robyn
Cr38 Member Vanorny Ashley
Cr38 Member Adzalo Yawo
Cr39 Member Rustioni Abby
Cr39 Member Brown Holly
Cr39 Alternate Maybanks Nicholas
Cr39 Alternate Loeffler Pat
Cr41 Member Goodman Grant
Cr41 Alternate Dvorak Joanne
Cr41 Alternate McMahon Kelly
Cr42 Member Lenton Jason
Cr42 Member Lenton Tina
Cr43 Member Musterman-
FAI Member Beer JoAnn
Hia01 Member Kvach Janet
Hia01 Alternate McCalmant Joan 
Hia01 Member Smith Valerie
Hia02 Alternate Wichtendahl Aime
Hia02 Alternate Michels Bernard
Hia02 Member Flynn Christopher (CJ)
Hia02 Member Dean Jordan
Hia03 Member Carey Sean
Mr01 Member Young Joseph
Mr02 Alternate Watson Arielle
Mr02 Alternate Watson Robert
Mr02 Member Diers Teresa
Mr02 Member Eden Troy
Mr03 Member Donahue Molly
Mr04 Member Shebetka Maria
Mr04 Member Hinds Sarah
Mr05 Alternate Oleson Brent
Mr05 Member Mullin John
Mr05 Member Stutler Joseph
Mr06 Member Gallagher Dennis
Mr06 Alternate Tonkin Noreen
Mr06 Member McShane Robert
Mr07 Member Rice Okpara
Mr07 Member Moshier Steve
Mr08 Member Spink Angela
Mr08 Alternate Harrison Kelli
Mr08 Member Foens Scott
Mr09 Member Brandt William
Mr11 Associate Kamp Dianne
Mr11 Member Patterson Jan
Mr11 Associate Perry  Jillian
Mr11 Alternate Tammel-Swander Julie
Mr11 Member Bell Laura
Mr11 Alternate Holecek Lloyd
Mr11 Associate Mastersom P. Denise
Mr12 Member Ramsey Eve
Mr12 Member Brown Jason
Mr14 Member Christy Joe
Mr14 Member Forsyth-Christy Renae
Mr14 Alternate Zanoni Ruth
Mvn Alternate Kunz Jeremy
Mvn Member Keast Kristi
Mvn Member Bowers Myrt
Mvs Member Fisk Kay
Mvs Member Willems Nate
Tber Member Keller Derk
Tber Alternate Campbell Mary
Tber Member Burke William
Tbou Member Agan Pamela
Tcli Member Lefebure Lance
Tfai Member Boland Cynthia
Tfai Member Williams Sally
Tfay Member Belles Richard
Tfra Member Loutsch Jason
Tfra Alternate Burke Mary
Tfra Alternate Zahorik Robert
Tfra Member Carter Sara
Tgra Member Roseberry Carolyn
Tgra Member Hannen Sharon
Tgra Alternate Cooper Wendy
Tjac Member Swanson Carl
Tjac Member Swanson Nina
Tmai Alternate Geske Mary
Tmai Member Robinson Michael
Tmar Member Flieder Al
Tmar Member Frana Linus (Butch)
Tmon1 Member Crosier Dale
Tmon1 Member Woods Janet
Tmon1 Alternate Cress-Slife Jennifer
Tput Member Ryk Jon
Tput Member Hale Kay
Tput Alternate Ballantyne Robert
Tput Alternate Mostaert Sandy
Twas Member Fitzpatrick Emily
Twas Alternate Rottinghaus Mickey
Twas Member Moyle Richard

Federal – State – County Elected Officials

The following is a list of elected leaders for the United States, State of Iowa and Linn County.  A complete list of contact information for all of these individuals can be found at the Linn County Election Services website

Additional lists of Linn County Non-Partisan elected officials and City, Township and School Districts can also be found at the website.


    • President of the United States – Joseph R. Biden (D)
    • Vice President of the United States – Kamala D. Harris (D)
    • U.S. Senator – Joni Ernst (R)
    • U.S. Senator – Charles Grassley (R)
    • U.S. Representative District 1 – Ashley Hinson (R)
    • Governor Kim – Reynolds (R)
    • Lieutenant Governor – Adam Gregg (R)
    • Secretary of State – Paul D. Pate (R)
    • Auditor of State – Rob Sand (D)
    • Treasurer of State – Michael L. Fitzgerald (D)
    • Secretary of Agriculture – Mike Naig (R)
    • Attorney General – Tom Miller (D)
    • State Senator – Robert M. Hogg – District 33 (D)
    • State Senator – Liz Mathis – District 34 (D)
    • State Senator – Todd Taylor – District 35 (D)
    • State Senator – Dan Zumbach – District 48 (R)
    • State Representative – Liz Bennett – District 65 (D)
    • State Representative – Art Staed – District 66 (D)
    • State Representative – Ashley Hinson – District 67 (R)
    • State Representative – Molly Donahue – District 68 (D)
    • State Representative – Kirsten Running-Marquardt – District 69 (D)
    • State Representative – Tracy Ehlert – District 70 (D)
    • State Representative – Charlie McClintock – District 95 (R)
    • Linn County Supervisor – Stacey Walker – District 1 (D)
    • Linn County Supervisor – Ben Rogers – District 2 (D)
      Linn County Supervisor – Louis Zumbach (R)
    • Linn County Auditor – Joel D. Miller (D)
    • Linn County Sheriff – Brian D. Gardner (D)
    • Linn County Treasurer – Sharon K. Gonzalez (D)
    • Linn County Recorder Joan A. McCalmant (D)
    • Linn County Attorney – Jerry A. Vander Sanden (D)